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Snide remark, snide remark.

Smarmiest smarm that ever smarmed.

6 August 1984
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Let's play nice and make with the introduction paragraph. I'm a fairly nice, easy-going, accepting type of person. Often, I can be seen as too nice, therefor making me an unintentional doormat. But that's okay. I play videogames, the piano/harp, watch anime, walk, draw, and read Laurell K. Hamilton. I like ideas of absolutism, the smell of wet grass, and waking up feeling refresed, with nothing to do. Writing, and goldfish are nice. Also good: Tea. My hero is Samus Aran and/or Baiken. W00t to yer' mother.

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"Wakariaeru kokoro shinjite mitai."

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Dominant Personality: Understanding

Good Traits: You gravitate towards people,
and are a shoulder to lean on. You give advice
at any given time.

Bad Traits: You aren't close with any one
person. You immerse yourself in other people's
problems and forget your own.

People see you as: Friendly, secretive, and
popular. People envy you, and may try and use
you as a tool

You're most like: Grace. You both have
positive relationships with people. Neither of
you have close friends, but unlike graceful
people, you try to help people out and aren't
as arrogant.

You need more: Solitude. You hardly get the
chance to breathe when you take on the world's
problems. You can't take other's
responsibilities or put them before your own.
Be selfish once in a while and discover who you
really are.

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Red vs. Blue is team killing love